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Bienvenu(e) sur ma page de blog où je publie des articles sur des sujets divers en lien avec mes activités présentes dans le domaine de l'art-thérapie. Ces dernières années ont été marquées par différentes occasions de partage avec des réseaux locaux, nationaux et internationaux.

N'hésitez pas à me faire part de vos commentaires ou à partager les articles que vous trouverez intéressants!


How to remember your dreams

- Set the alarm clock 15 to 20 minutes in advance to take time to recall the images and sensations upon waking. This is often effective enough to remember your dreams. Please avoid reviewing your daily schedule; you might want to stay in touch with the images and feelings present on waking, laying still in bed and keeping your eyes closed.

- After holding still for a while, try another position you like to sleep in. As a matter of fact, it is easier to remember a dream by getting into the position you were sleeping in.

- Keep a pencil and a notebook by the bed. When you wake up at night, jot down a few key words about your dream’s images so that they can be brought back to your mind when you read them in the morning, given one often wakes up at night following a dream. You don’t even need to turn on the light to write down these few words.

- Upon waking, please take note right away of the dreams you remember since the images will quickly vanish. Dreams will return to your mind in reverse order, the last scene in the last dream followed with the previous scene, then the second-last dream, and so on.

- Open your Dream Journal every morning, whether you had a dream or not. If you did not have any, please take note of the blurry sensations and emotions present upon waking up, and make up a night dream. It will include unconscious cues as though it was an actual dream, and dreamwork on these cues will be possible. In the face of the determination displayed, the unconscious will finally capitulate and you will have dream material.

- Value all cues. At the end of the night, please note everything even if it’s only a sound, an image or a sensation like if they were dreams, and your dreamwork will be profitable.

- The more you value your dreams and work with them, the more they return to your mind.

- Use the incubation approach. While falling asleep, affirm repeatedly that you will remember your dreams upon waking up in the morning.

- Initiate a dialogue about your resistance to remembering your dreams. You might ask questions like: “Why are you staying away from me?”, and listen to the answers that will come naturally. As for me, I once had the following answer “You have enough dream material to review for now, just work on the dreams you currently have.” This answer was in fact consistent with my current reality. Once this dream material was finally analyzed, I was able to remember my dreams.

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